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Will Facebook give LinkedIn a run for its money?

With Facebook launching a job board in competition with LinkedIn, this means that more jobs will be applied for on Facebook. Is Facebook truly a threat to LinkedIn, or will LinkedIn under the direction of Microsoft be able to keep their users interested?


Using LinkedIn as an ATS – could it improve the future of hiring?

Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are one of the bigger barriers for employment for many prospects because of how cumbersome the process is in applying. Since LinkedIn proposes to be the gold standard in the networking and job search industries, there’s no reason it couldn’t be the gold standard in the hiring process as well.

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My thoughts on the MS/LI merger

While I understand the frustration people are expressing on Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, I look at some of the finer details and see that the acquisition may look rough on the surface, but I think in time, it will pay off.