Despite its thousand-dollar price tag, I’m buying the iPhone 8+

iPhone 8 plus and iPhone XThe new iPhones 8 Plus and X.

Two weeks ago, I decided I would upgrade to the iPhone 8+ from an iPhone 6.  At the beginning of last week, I took a trip into a nearby TCC, where I learned that the 8+ is the same size as its predecessor, but with a faster processor and more memory.

The 8+ comes in two sizes:  64 and 256GB, and I currently use a little over 70GB on my 6.

My phone is used for everything:  Calendar management, medical management, contacts, social media, email, task listing, organizing project ideas, regular reminders, communicating with others, using the camera as an extension of my memory, paying for things, and keeping my budget.  I’m still working on the process of using my iPad for blogging so that I don’t always have to have my laptop near me.  At this time, I don’t watch an Apple Watch.

Nearly two years ago, as I was preparing to move to Wisconsin, I purchased the 6 as an upgrade to my 4S.  I’ve developed a pattern of upgrading every other product cycle.  Considering I’m buying the 8+, its successor would likely be the X, except it’s part of the current product cycle, so I’ll likely be holding off until the 11 or 12.

People frequently ask me:  Why do you need to spend nearly a thousand dollars on a phone when there are good phones with beefier specs for half the price?

My answer:  The obvious first is that I’m heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, but others include:  The reliability of the phone, its continued ease of use, the ease of finding tech support, and the apps designed for iOS seem to work better than the other two platforms.  As confining as it may seem, I also like that Apple is the only company who makes their phone, which makes updating far easier, and they seem to do an adequate job of keeping malicious and broken apps out of their App Store.

As I took the previous week to clean up my phone, transferring pictures and videos that aren’t used on a regular basis over to my laptop, as well as downloading apps that have always been available to help organize more of my personal life, I noticed that I had exceeded the 64GB threshold.  As time goes on and I download more apps, and I take more pictures and videos, there’s no way I can operate on a 64GB maximum.  While my 6 was the 128GB model, the 8+ only comes in two sizes, making the choice clear.  Considering I have a mission to visit all fifty states and live in at least ten, that’s a lot of pictures and videos to take along the way.

Ultimately, when I visited the Verizon corporate store, I learned that the 256GB model wasn’t available in any store within 100 miles (which covers all of New England), which meant putting the phone on back order.  My projected date to receive the phone is November 7, 2017.  After making a phone call to their corporate call center, I learned that if a corporate store manages to receive a new shipment and I happen to be able to contact them before my ship date, I can acquire it through them, and have them call Channel Support to change the preorder.

Are you upgrading to the 8, 8+, or the X?

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