I went to a gun show, and I liked it. I even made it out alive.

While it might seem like a scary proposition, this wallet-less trend is our future, even if it's fully integrated in my lifetime.

Riding along with two friends, I experienced my first gun show today in Oshkosh, WI.  Ever since learning about the carry culture and going to a range for the first time, I wanted to see what a gun show was like.

If you’ve never been to a gun show, it’s much like any other trade show out there, but for guns and other weapons.  You’ll also find a variety of accessories and ammunition.  One of the booths that we stopped for was a business that sold what looked like a waist band with an integrated holster.  I was impressed by the design because it looks like something I could wear over a pair of sweatpants.  I tend to favor carrying a firearm concealed, so this appealed to me.

Because firearm ownership tends to revolve around the politically conservative crowd, there were also bumper stickers reflecting a pro-gun attitude, patriotism, as well as some mocking President Obama’s gun policies and his presidency overall.

My overall observations:

  • Everyone in the place was orderly.  Nobody bothered anyone and all business vendors that we spoke to or carried short conversation with were cordial.
  • Anyone that carried a weapon did so respectfully, safely, and maturely.
  • As I walked around many tables, I noticed transactions taking place.  There wasn’t one transaction I saw that didn’t involve a background check.  Some vendors used iPads to conduct them, others used laptops.

And the most important observation of them all:

Not a single weapon in the entire expo center grew legs in an attempt to harm anyone.

Normally, I would be apprehensive about buying something from a gun show because most vendors are cash-only, but there’s a good chance that I don’t need to worry about someone trying to mug me or hassle me over displaying large amounts of cash.

Gun show picture

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