My name is Mike, and despite moving around during my childhood, I’ve spent the majority of my life in New England.

Mike Rana as an AV Tech

Image credit: Steve Ericson

I’m a product of the late 80s/early 90s before the term “social media” was part of the common parlance.  My education was entirely in the public school system that conferred me a high school diploma, certification of vocational completion, an associate’s degree, and two bachelor’s degrees.  My foray into the adult world was a rocky one given that I didn’t start out with a bonafide goal, thus all of my baccalaureate degrees are in different disciplines, and to this day, I have some knowledge of all three.

I have held a variety of positions in my relatively short career including office positions, retail, contract work, working for the state, and I’ve volunteered my time for good causes.  I’ve had the opportunity to represent employers to high-ranking clients, executives, and interest groups.  While much of my employed time has been in retail, that didn’t stop me from ascending beyond the entry-level ranks.  Among my opportunities were:  Traveling to other facilities to help with projects and network with leads and supervisors to gain new skills, picking up new skills from superiors that would normally be inaccessible to me at home, taking on new challenges, and putting in extra hours to show that I am dedicated to whatever task is thrown at me.

Ten random facts about me (as of May 2018):

  1. Despite being a military brat, I was unable to serve because of a curved spine and flat feet.
  2. I am the creative genius behind @saveoxfordcomma since many current style guides seem to disagree with its necessity.
  3. When I turned 21, I was standing in line in Las Vegas, at Caesar’s Palace, which incidentally was what I wanted for my birthday that year.
  4. My high school graduating class was the last one that wasn’t required to pass the MCAS for graduation, but we were the guinea pig to determine if it was worth incorporating.
  5. I was among accountholders on Facebook when you could only join with an active college email address.
  6. I’ve worked in a variety of industries:  Food service, help desk, retail, temp employee, home improvement, and a short stint in logistics as a result of side projects.
  7. I’m the owner/manager of Rana Creative, my first venture into the freelance world.
  8. My first cellphone was a Motorola StarTac; my first smartphone was a Droid Eris, and my current smartphone is an iPhone 8+.
  9. I have had the same cellphone number for more than a decade and I’ve been with the same cellphone provider the whole time.
  10. I am currently in the process of working returning to school to become a paralegal.